Visions of Heaven: the Exhibition Prints

All 69 one-off exquisite prints are for sale - view these prints below.

Ink PotsPrinting – print laboratory and framing
These superb images have been printed using Giclée Printing through specialist Bristol print laboratory Hello Blue. A Giclée is a very high-resolution ink-jet print onto an acid and bleach free, 100% cotton archival paper. The highest quality light-fast, UV stable inks are used. The print is then coated in a protective spray, which gives it an added level of UV and moisture protection and an extremely high tolerance to environmental factors. Every colour print is light-fast for at least 75 - 100 years. If kept in suitable conditions there is almost no limit as to how long they could last. Giclée Printing is able to reproduce the images so as not to lose shadow detail in the prints.

As David Malin explains, the sky should be anything but solid black, as this effectively undermines the enormous amount of time and effort he put into revealing all the faint structures.

Framing BristolThe prints are framed using non-reflective glass that maintains the luminosity of the images. Normal framing glass dulls the prints and actually adds a layer of green. Non-reflective glass allows the images to explode with life. The prints have been framed by Framing Bristol. Damien da Costa, the director, is an artist who understands the necessity of quality framing and has developed specialist framing techniques so the image appears to float behind the thin edged frames. His speciality is lacquer frames and the 92 x 73.6 images will all be framed using his unique lacquer frames.


Certificate of Authenticity
Each print will be signed by David Malin and include a Certificate of Authenticity.

Bristol GalleryShipping
Please note, shipping is not included in the cost of the print. However, The Bristol Gallery will ship your print anywhere in the world once the exhibition finishes (after Sunday 23rd October). Please liaise directly with them if you are unable to collect the print yourself.




The 69 Prints - previewing
You can preview all 69 prints in three special image galleys given below. To open an image gallery simply click on one of the collages. The images in these three web galleries are web images with a resoultion of only 72 dpi overwritten with a copyright notice. In this way they are only a pale representation of the 'look' of the framed, signed Giclée Printing prints which are 10,000 x 8,000 pixels.

Red StickerBuying a print before the exhibition
All the one-off signed prints are for sale. The prints are signed by David Malin on the back of the frame. Prints that are sold before the exhibition will be hung in the exhibition with a red sticker. Upon buying a print we will contact you with confirmation of your purchase and then connect you with The Bristol Gallery who will arrange with you to ship your print to you anywhere in the world. The gallery will ship the print after Sunday 23 October. You will need to liaise directly with The Bristol Gallery with regards to method and payment of shipping.

Once a print is sold we will list it as sold on this web page, please check the red listing of sold prints before ordering. In the advent that two people buy the same print the order received first will be the purchase accepted. If the print you want has already been sold your monies will be refunded in full.

The 92cm x 73.6 cm Prints
There are only 5 signed prints at 92 cm x 73.6 cm available for sale at this size. Price is £425
SOLD - Catalogue No. 3

David Malin

Please enter the Catalogue Number of your print - 92 cm x 73.6 cm.
Catalogue numbers can be found on the left of the image in the gallery window.

The 60 cm x 48 cm Prints

David Malin


There are 40 prints 60 cm x 48 cm available for sale at this size. Price is £295
SOLD - Catalogue No. 23
SOLD - Catalogue No. 29
SOLD - Catalogue No. 32
SOLD - Catalogue No. 35


Please enter the 60 cm x 48 cm print's Catalogue Number
which can be found in the text next to each image in the gallery :


The 37 cm x 30 cm Prints

David Malin


There are 24 prints 37 cm x 30 cm available for sale at this size. Price is £195
SOLD - Catalogue No 67
Please enter the 37 cm x 30 cm print's
Catalogue Number which can be found in
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