Call for Papers

The 'due by' date for proposing papers and panels for the 'Heavenly Discourses' conference has now passed. We thank everyone who submitted a proposal.

The conference brings together scholars to examine the relationship between the heavens and culture through the arts, literature, religion and philosophy, both in history and the present.

Topics include but are not limited to the following:

  • The representation of the sky in art and its impact on cultures
  • Astronomy through music and lyric
  • How the sky has been engaged in literature and myth
  • How the heavens have been interpreted and exploited by artists
  • The influence of the sky on architecture
  • The ways in which myths of the heavens have shaped religion
  • The role of history in engaging the heavens
  • The space programme and culture
  • Space and society
  • How the sky has been harnessed for educational purposes in museums and galleries
  • Constructing and transmitting identities through the heavens

A selection of papers from the Conference proceedings will be published by the Sophia Centre Press in 2012.

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