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Please note this listing of speakers and panels is subject to small changes.

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Keynote Presentations (60 minutes)

Professor Ronald Hutton University of Bristol - paper
Gillian Clarke,
University of Glamorgan, Poet Laureate of Wales - paper
Professor Roger Beck, Emeritus Professor, Department of Classics, University of Toronto -paper
Professor Gerry Gilmore, Professor of Experimental Philosophy, Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge University -paper
Dr. Ed Krupp, Director, Griffith Observatory, CA, USA -paper
Adjunct Professor David Malin, former Anglo-Australian Observatory -paper
Professor Michael Rowan-Robinson, Department of Physics, Imperial College, London -paper

Plenary Sessions (30 minutes)

Professor Elizabeth Archibald, University of Bristol
Dr Nicholas Campion, University of Wales Trinity Saint David
Dr Liz Greene, University of Bristol, and University of Wales Trinity Saint David
Dr Nick Davis, University of Liverpool
Dr William Gombash, Valencia College, FL, USA
Dr Kendrick Oliver, University of Southhampton
Bernadette Brady, University of Wales, Trinity Saint David
Darrelyn Gunzburg, University of Bristol, and University of Wales Trinity Saint David

Panel Sessions - (Each panel has three speakers 3 x 20 minutes)
Each panel explores the concept of a heavenly discourse via:

Art: Michael Hoepfel, Carrie Paterson, Mohammad Kamal Sabran.
Art History: Ashley Busby, Jennifer A. Morris, Simone Westermann.
English History: Paul Cheshire, Dr Victor Morgan, Dr Richa Dwor.
Heavens and the Visual Arts 1: Professor Charles Burroughs, Professor John Hendriks, Professor Valery Rees.
Heavens and the Visual Arts 2: Professor Lynette Bosch, Professor Liana De Girolami Cheney, Dr Valery Shrimplin.
Inner and Outer: Rita Cachao, Professor Didier de Fontain, Dr Dietmar Hagar.
Landscape: Dr Elizabeth Kessler, Aiden Foster, Vanlalhruaitluangi Vangchhia.
Literature 1: Dr Pippa Goldschmidt, Dr Steven Renshaw,Professor Mayank Vahia.
Literature 2: Faisal Al-doori, Gerardina Antelmni Harrison, Dr Jennifer Neville.
Maori Astronomy: Dr Pauline Harris, Dr Rangi Mataamua, Dr Takirirangi Smith.
Music: Rev (Prof) June Boyce-Tillman, Christopher Dooks, Gavin Starks.
Myth, Literature and the Stars: Dr Leon Burnet, Kopal Gautam, Ben Pestell.
Religion and The Stars: Dr John G. Hatch, Dr Yves Marton, Dr Tony Morgan.
Representation: Theolyn Cortens, Dr Ruth McPhee, Dr Annie Morgan-James.
Russia: Natalia Karakulina, Rachel Steward, Dr George M. Young.
Science: Dr Clive Davenhall, James Goodchild, Friederike Szwast.
Sky and Architecture: Suzanne Nolan, Dr Emily Pott, Willard Van De Bogart.
Star Myths 1: Dr Stansilaw Iwaniszewski, Patrick McCafferty, Melanie Schlossberg.
Star Myths 2, Old English and Norse: Christian Etheridge, Anthony Harris, Professor Marie RÃ¥dbo.
Symbols of Heaven: Teri Gee, Dr Shannon Grimes, Assoc. Prof. Juergen Heinrichs.
The Educating Sky: Rosa Doran

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